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Do the world’s top traders are spending whole the day on technical/fundamental analyzing? 

Could it happen to create trading automation that makes a 20-30% profit a month without any effort?

Is trading (Stock – Forex – Crypto) need hard work or years of experience? 

What is autopilot trading?

The truth about trading is making steady income day by day consistently. a professional trader uses 100$ to invest and expects at least 200-500$ after one month of trading with the strategies.

so ask yourself how long time will it take to gain the investment to 10.000$ regardless of losing money or FOMO?!

we should accept that trading is a bad game to just make you more frustrated.

So what is the solution that we provide for you?

Trading Masterclass provides the smartest way to making income from the market. in just one week and 50 hours courses you will be able to :

  • Learn the trading fundamentals
  • Find the best strategies
  • Use smart tools to make a consistent income
  • Algotrading
  • Autopilot trading using the robots
  • Create your own robot in python ( online – easy – practical ) from zero to lunch
  • Sell your strategies and self-made robots and make passive income
  • Create stock market robots
  • Develop your indicators
  • Create news filters robot from Twitter
  • Find the next trending stock/altcoin/signals
  • Stockmarket trading masterclass
  • Cryptocurrency trading masterclass + none-risk futures trading 
  • Forex trading masterclass and create trading automation
  • For newbies and professional traders
  • refund policy is 2 days accepted
  • 1-month free support and consultation with professional traders
  • Include our top trading tools with lifetime access

Algo trading is the future of trading! invest in the future…

So in both Forex, Cryptocurrency, and even in the Stock market, it’s logical to create strategies and then automate it as well!

You won’t find Masterclass courses on Youtube / Udemy or else …! 

After years of backtesting and developing an AI using our strategies with top (COVID) pandemic millionaire traders we decided to sell our courses and products to the public.

We also offer you at least 50 profit maker strategies in the market using our trader’s experience.

What is the strategies for algotrading :

  • Using both volume-trading and trend trading in cryptocurrency
  • Top class price action strategies on Forex Market
  • Using fundamental filtering on social media and news to find trending stock market signals.

Nowadays fundamentals are more important than technicals! 

So after watching the courses you will be able to catch data from Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Facebook, and news or any internet resource to filter the big news and making logical trades.

What should I need to learn for making professional trading automation?

You need to follow our python courses on episode 2 . You don’t need to be a programmer. the courses designed for the amateurs. and all the coding will be online on the cloud! from zero to 100!

So you can write the code using one of the trading strategies-> test it -> backtests it using historical data -> and use it on your real account!  that’s it!

With just 20 lines of code, you can develop a profitable and steady income.

Course content

Part 1 – Trading Masterclass 

  • Trading mistakes that we should solve in our automation robot
  • Cash controlling and risk management hits
  • Margin trading
  • Cryptocurrency complete masterclass trading courses using with using a real account and practical
  • Psychology and trading
  • Stock Market Masterclass from a Hedge fund CEO
  • Stock option trading
  • Swing trading and Day trading tips
  • The secrets of trading in Forex
  • Trading with 50k$ account and manage the risk and margins
  • Differents between a 1000$ investment trader psychology and 100k$ trader



Part 2 – Autopilot Trading using Algotrading 

  • What is Algorithmic trading & How to get started ( Fundamentals )
  • Algotrading Masterclass
  • Top 6 algorithmic trading strategies!
  • How to code a trading bot
  • Evaluating trading strategies
  • Coding an options trading algorithm
  • Coding a stock trading robot
  • Algorithmic trading mistakes to avoid
  • Create a Futures robot for cryptocurrency

Part 3 – Use Python to Develop Autopilot Robots and Indicator 

  • How to code using Python basics and fundamentals
  • Create your first trading Bot in python
  • Key and concept of a trading bot
  • Handling data ( Crypto – Stock – Forex )
  • Trading and Orders
  • Create indicators
  • Consolidators & rolling windows
  • Dynamic universes
  • Twitter trading bot ( Fundumental robot )
  • Backtesting & Performance analysis
  • Creating a Forex robot
  • Create a robot with a 10% steady monthly profit


Part 4 – How to Algovision trading tools and robots with AI-powered analysis

  • How to use Algovision products to make a steady profit
    • MGPro Cryptocurrency robot
      • Daily trading mode tips and tricks
      • Staggered Orders mode tips and tricks
      • Grid trading mode tips and tricks
      • Swing trading tips and tricks
      • Tradingview trading mode tips and tricks
      • Dip Analyzer trading mode tips and tricks
      • Signal trading mode tips and tricks
      • Arbitrage trading mode tips and tricks
    • AlgoFX Forex EA Robot
      • How to use FTMO Preset and other funding firms presets
      • Best performance settings
      • How to optional the settings for lot manager
      • Change risk ratio and drawdown settings
    • Algotrends Tradingview indicator
      • How to get signals and alerts
      • Best timeframes and best practice setups
      • How to use it in the real trading account


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  1. Steve Chevalier

    Great crypto trading bot. I’ve been using it for over 9 months and have never experienced any kind of problem at all. The trading strategies work great. There is liquidity for instant trades at all times and they’re constantly adding assets and features. 3 thumbs up from me.

    Spot and Futures AI Robot MGProSpot and Futures AI Robot MGPro

  2. Arthur

    Sir, How can I test FTMO challenge? Is there any guides out there?

    AlgoFX EA Smart RobotAlgoFX EA Smart Robot

  3. Dexter

    I’m the first week of trading, Algofx has not reached the weekly average required to pass funding rules. Algovision Company is aware of the new update being released. I’m confident it will perform as expected.

    AlgoFX EA Smart RobotAlgoFX EA Smart Robot

  4. Ola I.

    Fantastic system for those who need access to more considerable capital, also new people are starting their forex Journey. And there is more room for improvement. It’s not perfect but gets the profits slowly but surely…

    AlgoFX EA Smart RobotAlgoFX EA Smart Robot

  5. Fauzi F

    As a matter of fact, I found the Class great, the material within the course covered everything you needed to know about all aspects of trading. But I couldn’t buy the bots, It costs lots of money!

    Trading Masterclass - Autopilot Trading StrategiesTrading Masterclass – Autopilot Trading Strategies

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