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AlgoFX 2.0 Robot is designed for traders who would like to have low drawdown and steady growth on their profit.

It has both low drawdown and aggressive settings which users can select.

Verified Live(Daily update) Results with on ( Aggressive-Presets ) =>

Verified Results of our technical trader account with euro balance on ( MidRisk-Presets ) =>

Features :

  • Below 9% drawdown per pair with low drawdown setting – All pairs overall drawdown below 18%
  • Below 15% Drawdown per pair for aggressive setting – All pairs overall drawdown below 38%
  • FTMO Preset has under 7% Drawdown.
  • 10% to 15% Monthly profit on low drawdown setting
  • 17% to 48% Monthly profit on aggressive setting
  • Auto lot management based on account fund
  • Proper Risk Management
  • News Filter – Smart AI for news analysis
  • Smart inner indicators for analyzing the market before placing a trade
  • Fully Automatic – Install in 5 min and the rest is fully automatic
  • 100% Non-Martingale Strategy
  • Spread control – to avoid trading in a volatile market
  • 1 demo 1 live license key per order
  • Full Setup Video file
  • One time payment with Free updates

Passed FTMO Challenge with FTMO Preset settings

We have successfully designed a preset for AlgoFX ( Free for now ) with a very low drawdown of 4.20% and a monthly profit range of 10% to 20%.

AlgoFX FTMO and MY-FOREX-FUNDS preset is compatible with funding firms such as FTMO, MY FOREX FUNDS, etc.


Features of FTMO Presets:

  • Get a funded trading account up to $200,000
  • Works on both personal accounts and funding firms accounts
  • Works on 25 trading pairs
  • Low drawdown below 5%
  • 100% Non-Martingale Strategy
  • Spread control – To avoid trading in a volatile market


How does AlgoFX Ea Works?

AlgoFX is designed to trade with very low drawdown and with its low-risk setting, we can confidently say that no one will ever blow up an account.

It is a fully hands-free robot and it does everything automatically, it doesn’t need daily checks or any manual setting.


What are the requirements to use this EA?

Simply just watch the installation video we will send you and install it in less than 1 minute, best setting is given as default preset files and there is no need for changing settings. just add it to mt4 and run it.

  • Works on all mt4 account types
  • Minimum fund to start is 100USD
  • Download the file after completing the purchase
  • No need to be an expert to use this robot
  • FTMO Presets
  • Watch the installation video below

The 25 Pairs are :  


Does it Have any Guarantee? 

Yes, absolutely. Our goal is to build transparency with high-quality tools.

  • Follow the Given Setting
  • Test it on Demo acc for 7 days on a low drawdown setting
  • In 14 Days it will show how well it works
  • If not email us and request for immediate 100% full refund.


What are Funding Firm challenges?

Funding firm challenges are targets set by companies to check your ability to keep a certain percentage of drawdown while successfully trading in a steady profit margin.

After successfully passing the challenge, you will generally be awarded an account funded up to $200,000 and your earnings on the account will be shared with a profit split between the firm and the individual.

After testing the EA for a few months we are proud to announce that our AlgoFX Funding Presets was able to meet the requirements of the funding firms while successfully passing the challenge.


Note: Funding presets as FTMO preset and MY-FOREX-FUND preset come free next to the main product with other presets.


Important Notes:

Having open trades for a few days in drawdown is normal and please be patient until Ea closes them in Profit.

Do not close any open trades manually or Do Not trade manually on the same acc, it will mess up the EA money management system

Do not use any other indicators or robots on the same acc as Promax is running.

Do not run the EA on an account below 100 USD

Make sure the Auto trade option in ur mt4 is on.

Here is the list of presets :


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  1. Vova Sem

    Pretty good and useful one. There is a very useful robot here, with which you can make good money with the mind through trading. Now this income is relevant and popular. The developers are great, they did their best. I recommend giving it a try.

    AlgoFX 2.0 EA Smart RobotAlgoFX 2.0 EA Smart Robot

  2. Donovan Jarman

    Really great Ai based tool to use tho mainly use the web version and I would like to use the app more if I had. and the main reason for this is that I would hugely like this sevice more and give it 5 star if you guys could give it the feature to go landscape for both the tablet and phone app would make a huge diff and would get better ratings….but otherwise good experience

    Spot and Futures AI Robot MGPro 2.0Spot and Futures AI Robot MGPro 2.0

  3. Naeema

    This trading bot platform is so underrated! I use this one for 6 months now and still don’t have any problems. My suggestion is to add notification for percentage of profits of the bots. Thanks a lot!

    Spot and Futures AI Robot MGPro 2.0Spot and Futures AI Robot MGPro 2.0

  4. Gabriel

    Great for beginners like me, with video tutorials on youtube and the help section on the support team. New traders can learn quickly. ،The fees ARE the lowest of all others, and they have more strategies to choose from. I’ve never had a problem with operating the bot, I’d say. Perfect!

    Spot and Futures AI Robot MGPro 2.0Spot and Futures AI Robot MGPro 2.0

  5. Renata G.

    I expressed all-important points of crypto trading straightforwardly on MG-PRO. Significantly the analysis was underestimated. I couldn’t find any other robots to help me. It allows you to make money quickly by scalp trading and barely goes wrong. Make sure to give it a chance…

    Spot and Futures AI Robot MGPro 2.0Spot and Futures AI Robot MGPro 2.0

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