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AI-Automated Trading Robots

MG Pro 2.0 is a new version of a market analyzer that uses AI to help users make better decisions. It features a variety of advanced indicators and trading strategies that are designed to help traders make profitable decisions.

Make Informed Strategic Decisions


Use historical data to see exactly how your strategy would have performed.

Performance Statistics

Gain insights from rich & comprehensive statistics of every trade.

Lifetime & Onetime

It’s Life-Time and has no monthly subscription fee!

Get Notified

Manage your trades on the go: edit, stop or automate new trading strategies, all from your iPhone or Android devices.

Fundamental Analyzer

Social market analyzer to avoid trading on big market event days and also get signals from (Twitter, Reddit,  Telegram)

24/7 Fully automatic

Install in 5 min and the rest is fully automatic

Auto-Trading Robots

AI Robot
Min Profit Per Week = 7%

Up to 15% weekly profit

Open and Close Trades Automatically 24/7 

5 to 10 daily positions depend on the market behavior

Simulation account with backtesting

Grid trading Mode

Dip Analyzer Trading Mode

Arbitrage Trading Mode

Fundamentals analysis using signals from Social Media (Twitter , Reddit , Facebook & …)

MG Pro 2.0
Min Profit Per Week = 12%

Up to 25% weekly profit

All futures of Markets

5 to 20 daily positions depend on the market behavior

Tradingview Signal Mode

Sport and Futures Trading

Powerful risk management 

Analysis of market with more than 7 inner strategies and 20 evaluators 

24/7 Technical Support

MGPro Cloud 2.0
Min Profit Per Week = 17%

Up to 35% weekly profit

All futures of VisionAi version & MGPro 2.0

10 to 50 daily positions depend on the market behavior

Multi-account profile with up to 10 account

24/7 technical support with live support

Send weekly reports and statistics to your email

Perform 2x more trades with 1000usdt capital

use Amazon SageMaker to analyze the market 

Watch live performance stream on Youtube!

Delivery right after order

It is a downloadable file

Refund if not profitable

14 Days Full Refund Policy

24/7 Support

Email replies less than 24 hours

Secure Payment

Debit/Credit Card Using Stripe

Crypto Gateway

Pay with crypto and get up to a 25% discount!